Why YOU Are the Gift This Holiday: Consult

A lot of folks give and receive presents this time of year. Games, chocolates, electronics, more chocolates, cars (so the car advertisers would have you believe) with trunks full of chocolates.

As a consulting firm leader, you’re standing at a gift-giving nexus. Your consulting practice is a veritable cornucopia of gifts.

Below are a dozen examples to scatter beneath your Christmas tree, Hanukah menorah, Kwanzaa kinara, New Year’s bush or other holiday symbol of your choice.

They’re categorized because, after all, we’re consultants.

The Many Gifts of a Small Consulting Practice

4 Gifts for Your Clients

  • Your outside, independent perspective
  • Your experience and pattern recognition
  • Better, faster results than they’d achieve on their own
  • A safe place to vent their frustrations and reveal their fears

4 Gifts for Your Staff

  • A great place to work
  • An opportunity to make a meaningful difference at a small company
  • More and broader responsibility than they’d receive at a big company
  • An chance to share in the rewards of a successful practice

4 Gift for You

  • Ultimate control over your work, work time and work mates
  • (Potentially) great hours and generous vacation policy
  • Non-stop exposure to inspiring, admirable and otherwise amazing people
  • Unlimited learning and growth opportunities

There are more, of course. Many more.

By your choice to become a consultant, you’ve decided to serve others. You relieve their pains, ease their burdens, lift them up, and enable their successes.

You, my friend, are a gift to the world.

Thank you for being you and thank you for reading (and commenting on) my articles.

What other gifts do you give or receive by virtue of leading a consulting practice?

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