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Are you a blogger and website owner? And looking for an Honest Ezoic Review, then keep reading this Ezoic ads review. Because I am going to give you complete information about it. So let’s start.

As you know, every blogger dreams of getting more and more traffic to his blog through which he can earn more money through his website. But today due to increasing competition on the internet, it is not so easy for everyone and many bloggers fail in it.

That is why in today’s post you will get such motivation, which will increase the earnings of your blogging, through this Ads Network you will be able to generate a good income even in low traffic. The special thing about this is that you can easily use it even on a blog with the lowest traffic.

Ezoic Review

So come on quickly, we start this ezoic premium review without wasting any time. And get complete information about it.

The Honest Ezoic Review | Trending Adsense Earning Boost Platform!

Guys, we will start all the information step by step in this Ezoic Review and how to set up it. You will also get complete information about it.

What is Ezoic!

Ezoic is a Google-certified ad network partner through which you can increase the revenue of your website. Ezoic is an end-to-end platform for digital publishers, content creators, and brands. It provides intelligence information of Automated Websites to each publisher for their Advertisements, Content, Layout, etc.

Ezoic Website uses Machine Learning to understand Visitor better. This includes the ability to collect important data and self-drive decisions that improve Visitors’ experience, SEO, and website earnings.

And Ezoic has done your work automates all your work manually, such as implementing techniques like Right Ad Placement, layout experiment, and ad balance on your blog itself, so that you can get more revenue.

Ezoic Ads Types!

Guys, Ezoic basically provides 4 types of ad placement, which we are telling you below, let us know.

Native advertisement: Native advertisement is often used in the recommended content of social media feeds or websites.

Banner Ads: Banner Ads Image-based advertising aims to get users to visit the advertiser’s website from the current website.

Link advertisement: Link advertisement List of topics that are related to the content of your website.

Sticky advertisement: Sticky advertisement is usually found on the sidebar or screen. These are fixed within the website page and appear when the user scrolls up or down.

how does Ezoic work!

As we have already been told that Ezoic does all the work by itself, with the help of which our revenue increases. It itself tests Ad Placement at different places on our blog and sees that where our users click more ads. He shows ads accordingly.

Ezoic increases the click on our website by checking every single device so that we get more clicks and we can earn more. Because it has the ability to increase revenue and improve Visitors Experience by using Artificial Intelligence to self-drive important decisions.

Ezoic gives web publishers the power of big data and allows them to self-drive smart work very easily which can help them in giving their audience a much better experience.

Now you will understand how Ezoic works. Even if you are not using Google Adsense, it is still the best ad network for you as the best alternative of AdSense in India. Let us now see what kind of ad network you get in it. So that you can understand Ezoic Review very well.

How to setup Ezoic!

If you use AdSense on your blog, then you can increase revenue with the help of Ezoic. To use Ezoic, you have to create an account on ezoic. You create your account by going to ezoic login. After this, you will have to follow 4 steps.

1. Integrate Your Site!

First of all, visit and integrate your blog with Ezoic, which means adding it. For this, you get three options.

  1. Cloudflare Integration
  2. Nameserver Exchange
  3. JavaScript Code

The best way among these three is to exchange your nameserver. This is the best and easiest way.

2. Setup Ad Testing!

In this, you have to create ads for your blog. All the code you get in HTML. You have to paste all the code on the different wakes of your blog. After which Ezoic tests your blog.

3. Turn on Ezoic!

After this, you have to turn on Ezoic’s button so that Ezoic can start its work.

4. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange!

If you are using Adsense then this is the most important step. With this help, Ezoic knows which ad network you are using. When you apply for this, you get an email from google. He himself gives you its permission.

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After completing so many steps, Ezoic optimizes your site, experiments it. It takes up to 30 days. After this, you will see for yourself that your revenue has started increasing and you will yourself say that it is the best ad network for bloggers.

Hopefully, you will be able to increase the revenue of your blog by using Ezoic Review. I am using it myself and according to me, Ezoic is one of the best ad networks for publishers in India. And to get more information about Ezoic, you can watch this video.

Hopefully, you have already learned more about Ezoic, and have also learned to set up Ezoic. Now if you want, you can also read this article of ours.

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So, friends, I hope you liked our Honest Ezoic Review. And all the doubts related to your Ezoic must have been cleared. But if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below. And thank you very much for reading this post review.

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