Spencer Gracias – A CEO of his own rules: Startup

Heading an organisation is no game, but this Brazilian IT tycoon proved it all. Providing IT solutions for different problems and nurturing the employees for a better tomorrow, Spencer Gracias is surely an inspiration to all the Sefanine work force present at the offices of India. Being proud of all the accomplishments that came together with an IT leading space, he only wishes to take the company forward and build it wisely. While the employees work towards the progress of the organisation Mr Gracias speaks out words of inspiration and how he sees the organisation growing.

Turning 50 this year and being the CEO of the company Spencer never made him feel different from the employees of the organisation, “I consider myself as a co-worker of 4000 plus employees that we have now that is the way I see myself. I am trying to do the right thing for our clients.”

Leading an organisation is no game and for this tycoon it was surely motivation that pushed him though the tasks that came up in the company. “I think the first one would be how you would motivate people and get the opportunity to develop in their career. The second one is growth, because the only way for me to provide people to grow is making the company grow and the third one is our customers and how they need to be successful. We want to make sure their goals are achieved and those are the big motivators that I have. If you create an environment that people can develop themselves, fulfil their professional desires and have fun I think then we are complete. It’s almost a requirement that you have to be an entrepreneur and also have fun and pleasure in what you’re doing. Connect with your colleagues.”

About his achievements and what keeps him to move on he shares, “I am never satisfied, I always want more because I know that they want more. We are all in the same phase of over achieving and putting the target to the next level. I want more growth, development, customers, and possibilities for the company. The company making money is revered for many causes and we can help our people get more educated. This year has been a great year but next year should be better than this one. I don’t compete with anyone but me, I just want to be me and the company that I run should be a better version of what we were yesterday. Market says the competitors, but we focus on our customers and then our better version and the rest will follow.”

Moonlighting in companies has become a new trend among employees these days and doing multi tasks with work places has grown these days and expressing his views about this new trend he says, “I think the credibility of your work is lost when you follow such kinds of things. You cannot give your best when you share your work in multiple spaces. I can just say that it is not a good way to evolve in any workplace.”

Spencer also known as ‘Spence’ by his loved ones has a fun side too. A person who is fun to talk with is also good with the way he moves on personally. “I love jokes specially the funny ones, I cook food and my favourite food is barbeque as I am Brazilian and we love barbeque and for my breakfast I like to have eggs. If I could describe myself I would call myself as a dreamer and sports is something that I do as a hobby.”

Overall the Brazilian IT tycoon is proud to be working with skilled workers who are here in a country like India. “I love the way they give their 100 percent at work, you guys are hardworking and skilled too which makes the company better,” Spencer adds.

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