Saurabh Gupta promotes health and well-being with his fitness programs: Startup

Fitness is not only a part of the routine but a way of lifestyle. When we say fitness, it is significant to focus on different levels – physical, mental and emotional well-being. And after the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, people are paying more attention to staying fit. Helping people positively transform their lives, Saurabh Gupta has earned recognition as one of India’s best fitness coaches.

With the trend of bodybuilding captivating everyone’s attention, he focuses on improving internal health over the aesthetic physique. There’s no denying that his contribution to the fitness industry is unparalleled, and he is famously known as Shurufit India in the country’s fitness industry.

In various instances, Gupta has cleared the air about fitness and bodybuilding. Both are different aspects, and people tend to mix them which has different consequences. According to Gupta, every fitness enthusiast aiming to become a bodybuilder should take expert advice as a chiselled physique requires heavy maintenance.

However, Saurabh Gupta’s primary goal has been to promote health and well-being. The fitness coach believes that health is an investment and not an expense. Therefore, he trains his clients in a way that they get better results and healthy living in the years to come. Along with physical health, Shurufit India has helped thousands of people in improving their mental health.

Even during the lockdown, he conducted several sessions and webinars to help people in building a positive mindset. Coming from a corporate field, Gupta understands the pressure of work life and the importance of managing it with personal life. In addition, he has always focused on having healthy meals and he suggests everyone cut down on oily food.

In a time when the digital medium has taken over everyone, Saurabh’s workout sessions keep everyone engaged. Therefore, his customized and tailored workout plans have been designed in a fun-loving way. While he has clientele across India, Shurufit India has left an impression across borders.

Besides personal training, the fitness coach conducts several workshops and webinars to inform people about the benefits of healthy living. Other than this, his workout plans focus on different fitness goals which are challenging yet fun. Aiming to bring a revolution in the fitness industry, Shurufit India is optimistic to boost health and fitness globally.

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