Learn from the best at Hindustan Times EduFest 2022: Startup

The face of India’s education industry has undergone a massive transformation over the last few years with the advent of numerous ‘new-age’ universities which are redefining the way our youth is educated. The students are more competitive than ever to get admitted into their choice of courses.

Amidst the competition, choosing the right institute for your child can prove to be a daunting task as there is no one platform that tells you all the options that are available today, both in terms of universities and the kind of engineering & medical courses they offer. This phase of life is often referred to as the ‘golden years’ as they learn and grow as individuals and the college they attend can play a major role in shaping their personalities.

But, selecting the right college and then dealing with the admissions, how to apply, the requirements and eligibility criteria for different courses, etc can prove to be a daunting task. The Hindustan Times EduFest 2022 comes as a one-stop destination for university or college aspirants to access all the information they need about undergraduate courses being offered by universities across the length and breadth of the country, both in the private and public university domain.

Students get a chance to learn about numerous courses being offered and can map their personal interests to find the best pick. They also get a chance to meet admissions officers from more than 30 institutes and seek guidance on new-age courses relevant to their fields. They will also get first-hand insights into fees, accommodation, placement statistics, alumni networks, student loans, scholarships, etc.

This is not all. Even for universities and colleges, Hindustan Times EduFest 2022 offers the right platform for them to reach out to the right student base that they wish to attract to their institution as they get an opportunity to connect, consult and converse with their target group. They can showcase their ancillary content through a microsite created especially for the event which thousands of students can access as a one-point storehouse of information. They can also gain direct insights into the requirements and demands of today’s student population.

Some of the prominent names that we can expect in attendance at the Hindustan Times EduFest 2022 include Vidyamandir Classes, Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences & Research, among many others.

To find out more about the HT Edufest, log on to https://www.hindustantimes.com/brandstories/edufest/ and get started with your search for the right engineering or medical education institute for your child.

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