Celeb What to watch on Thursday: ‘The Best Man’ miniseries airs on Peacock


Christina on the Coast (HGTV at 8) Christina and James assist a growing family in renovating their kitchen, living space and two bathrooms; Christina and Josh find their own dream home in Newport Beach, Calif.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo at 9) Tracy lets Flagg in on a deal while Altman mentors a new broker.

MTV Cribs (MTV at 9) Model and influencer Stas shows off her Hollywood crib; actor Mario Lopez and family give a tour of their mansion; actor Pauly Shore returns to the program to display his Las Vegas home.

Brink of Disaster (Discovery at 9:01) Miami faces the looming threats of crumbling limestone bedrock, storms and rising oceans.

Interrogation Raw (A&E at 10) After three members of a family are shot by an intruder with only one surviving, a neighbor is interrogated.

The Best of All the Smoke With Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson (Showtime at 11) Rapper Fat Joe shares his musical aspirations and how the “Terror Squad” was created.

The Best Man: The Final Chapters (Peacock) College friends Harper, Quentin, Lance, Murch, Jordan, Robyn, Candace and Shelby face the challenges of midlife as they reconnect.

Mathieu Dufour at Bell Centre (Netflix) Comic Matthieu Dufour shares stories about paintball and McDonald’s in this Montreal stand-up special.

Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge (Shudder) During horror guru Rad Chad Buckley’s funeral, a series of death traps inspired by his favorite films cause the mourners to band together.

Branson (HBO at 10) Branson defends privately funded space exploration as the first passenger flight of Virgin Galactic approaches.

I Hate Suzie (HBO Max) Season 2.

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