Celeb Jimin gets emotional as he wishes Jin on Christmas, surprises BTS ARMY. See pics

BTS member Jimin interacted with his fans on Christmas and also spoke about the group’s eldest member Jin. Taking to Weverse, Jimin wrote, “What are you doing since it’s Christmas everyone? Please post your pictures.” When a fan said they were having a snowball fight, Jimin replied, “That must be fun.” He informed his fans that he was in bed via a post and also shared selfies as he lay on a grey pillow. (Also Read | BTS’ big moments of 2022: From speaking at the White House to announcing military enlistment)

A fan asked, “Are there any presents for ARMYs from Jimin?” He responded, “A present, just a moment.” A few minutes later, Jimin shared a poster in which the words, ‘ARMY, Merry Christmas-Jimin’, were written. He shared it with a heart-eye emoji.

Jimin shared another post, “My drawing skills have decreased…” and added, “You want to see (me)? Hmm, just a moment, I’ll put some clothes on first.”

Next, Jimin took to Instagram and posted photos of himself holding the same posters. The singer was dressed in a yellow sweater, blue denims, and a black hat. He made an expression as he gestured ‘hi’. Reacting to the post, J-Hope commented, “Cutie” and added fire emojis. Jimin ended his nearly two months hiatus on Instagram with the post.

Going back to Weverse, Jimin wrote, “Hyu (sigh) Insta for the first time in a while heh.” He also added, “It took me all day to decide what to wear hehe…Anyways, ARMYs, spend precious time with your precious people during Christmas. Merry Christmas.”

Missing Jin, Jimin wrote on Weverse, “Merry Christmas to Jin hyung too (pleading face and folded hands emojis).” When a fan said, “Our warm wishes will reach him on time”, he replied, “That’s a lovely thing to say”.

Jimin’s message for Jin comes a few days after he departed for mandatory military training. Recently, his first photo from the military base emerged online. The Camp (a website for people to stay updated with Koreans in military), shared a picture in which Jin posed for the camera, dressed in an army uniform.

According to Twitter user @7btskook, the identification card on his uniform read, “Written on the paper: the eleventh division, The second platoon, Team 5 46 – Kim Seokjin.” In a leaked video, Jin was seen picking up chairs with his colleagues in the army at an event. He had his uniform on and had covered his face with a black mask.

Jin joined the army on December 13 and was accompanied by BTS members, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. He will complete his duties in 18 months and return on June 12, 2024. Following Jin, other members of BTS will too join the service for 18 months soon. BTS is expected to return as a full group around 2025.

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