Braize, an alkaline water brand launches new essential range: Startup

Recently, an alkaline water brand, Braize was launched that provides goodness in every single drop of water. The packaged water that they sell is 100 per cent pure and natural. With their launch, they brought three variations of water which are: Tamra, Aurum and Chlorophyll. Their motive is to offer their customers high-quality products so they can enjoy all the benefits nature has to offer. Each of their water is advantageous in many ways, including boosting the immune systems, which is particularly needed in the current times. The team strives to put forth the greatest level of purity that is packaged in the most hygienic conditions.

While sharing more about Braize, the Founder says, “The most important thing we have is our health, thus we should take all necessary measures to protect it. Owing to the same we launched ‘Braize,’ an idea to provide well-being in every drop of water. Every sip of water one takes at Braize is filled with the purity and goodness of nature, ensuring that one stays hydrated in a healthy way. We aim to give our consumers a healthy and happy living with the richness of natural mineral water, copper, gold, and nature tinctured in every drop of water we serve. Our team of experts work around the clock to assure that every sip of water that our consumers take is safe, pure, hygienic and feels like a luxury.”

Someone said it right, every concept is a result of the urge to explore. Travelling to various parts of the food industry, upscale restaurants, renowned hotels, and the best cafes was what enticed the founder to further search for this ambitious concept of alkaline water. He saw that in addition to the delicious meal, amazing ambience, and eye-catching decor, the water bottles stood out. So further with the goal to develop something new in the water sector that would not only be distinctive but also be good for society and the customers, the Founder with the team developed a range of Alkaline Water that benefits from copper, gold, and chlorophyll.

At present they have three products, first, one is called Tamra which is water infused with copper. Copper is a trace mineral that is necessary to human health and is well known for its many health advantages. It helps the thyroid gland operate and prevents forgetfulness in addition to fighting cancer and regulating hypertension. Thus, with Tamra, Brazie aims to give goodness that tastes like regular water and has a plethora of advantages. The next on the list is Aurum, which is infused with gold that has been an essential component of the traditional medical system, Ayurveda. Gold is utilised for a variety of respiratory issues, a healthy heart, and even during pregnancies in addition to its benefits for good skin and a calming influence on the mind and body. Therefore, to present the countless advantages of gold in one’s life with Aurum, the water that Braize has been charged with gold was brought.

The third one on the list is Chlorophyll which is the most highlighted product as it has been introduced for the first time in India by Braize. The advantages that nature has to provide to all life on earth are frequently undervalued. A vital part of keeping the plant healthy and green is chlorophyll, a green pigment. Thus, this green water with high chlorophyll content that helps oxygenate and purify the human body, increase energy levels, boost the immune system, support cellular regeneration and offer vitamins A, C, and D is introduced by Braize. Keeping everybody in mind, Brazie also provides customised labels to organizations and hotels as well. Currently, the brand has an international presence in thirteen countries including New York and London and in the near future, they plan on further expanding their horizons.

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