Berry+ Fusion 10k: One Power Adapter for ALL your smart devices: Startup

India, December 19, 2022: Berry+ has launched Berry+ Fusion 10k, a magical 4-in-1 portable charging device that will truly redefine the power adapter. Berry+ Fusion 10k is a unique and one-of-a-kind product that is completely new to the Indian market. For the first time in India, a Next Generation 4-in-1 Magical Power Adapter that charges multiple devices from various brands without connecting to an electric outlet is being launched.

Berry+ Fusion 10k power adapter has a built-in 10000mAh battery that will charge your mobile devices and tablets even if the power adapter is not connected to an electric outlet. It has a Qi transmitter that will support wireless charging on your compatible iPhone and Android devices. Berry+ Fusion 10k is equipped with a fast-charging feature that allows your devices to get charged in minutes, and it comes with integrated cables. Berry+ Fusion 10k allows users to charge their smart devices anytime and anywhere without connecting to a power outlet or even if there is a power outage. At first glance, the Berry+ Fusion 10K will just look like any other power adapter, but this unique power adapter is technologically so advanced that it offers 4 amazing features that make it truly magical.

Berry+ Fusion 10k : One Power Adapter for ALL your smart devices
Berry+ Fusion 10k : One Power Adapter for ALL your smart devices

Mr. Vishnu Dashora, CEO of BerryPlus Technologies Pvt. Ltd., said that Berry+ Fusion 10K solves the big problem of keeping your mobile devices charged when you are on the move. People normally buy traditional mobile power adapters, power banks, and even wireless charging pads to keep their devices charged, and carrying all these accessories is not as easy as it sounds. Berry+ Fusion 10k addresses these issues and provides all these features in just one product, which is great value for money. Moreover, it’s ultra-portable, so it goes with you anywhere and makes sure your devices are charged even when you do not have access to electricity.

Mr. Dashora said that the company is thrilled and very excited to bring its third product to the Indian market. Please note that Berry+ launched two next-generation Wi-Fi mesh routers (Berry+ Wave AC2100 and Berry+ Freedom AC1200) in June 2022 that help people get blazing-fast and strong Wi-Fi networks with a larger network coverage area. Customers can visit the Berry+ website (Berry+ Fusion 10k or to know more about the company and its products.

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