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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a lot of fun for its users. Social media allows us to take a step back, evaluate our lives, and while doing that, we can also sneak a peek into other people’s lives. But on the other side of the lens, everything is not so rosy. It takes time, effort, and hard work to create, post, and analyze content. But if you are familiar with automation, it can surely take away from the stress of posting new things on time. There are so many myths surrounding social media automation.

One of the first myths is that twitter automation and other social media automation is done by bots. Think of social media automation as a social media tool that you can use in your repertoire, which will be beneficial for both the content creator and the audience, alike. Another common myth surrounding social media automation is that posts that are automated will get penalized or get less engagement.

According to research conducted by Buffer, the messages that were automated did not get any less engagement than other messages that were sent “in real-time.” But what is social media automation? Well, social media automation refers to the use of software to do things that do not require the assistance of a human. Examples include scheduling posts ahead of time, curating content for republishing, and producing analytics reports to name a few things an automation software can do.

1.   Save your time by scheduling posts

Scheduling things is surely one of the most common things you can do with social media automating software. Obviously, there are other things you can do as well, but scheduling posts is the most obvious application of using automatic software. By using a social media automating service, you will be able to take off the pressure built when posting in real time.

2.   Use automatic reply or messaging services

Automatic replies or quick replies are basically everywhere. When you message a popular fashion brand asking about their prices or message an influencer, more likely than not, you will find an automated message on hand. Since most people want an instant reply to their messages, it can be seen that these quick replies boosted by automatic social media software will be able to move things along quickly.

3.   Using suggested replies

Speed is very important for an influencer or a content creator. The more inquiries that come to you via DM, the more engagement you will get. But it is impossible to reply to each DM or comment. Here comes suggested replies that help you answer messages and comments quickly, without having to wrack your brain for an appropriate answer, while you prioritize which DMs and comments to reply to.

4.   Automation of analytic reports

Content creators and influencers and marketers have a lot of data that they own. Marketers need to discuss data with their bosses and influencers need data to improve their reach and engagement. An automated social media tool can help you analyze all data so that you can reach your goals faster.

5.   Social commerce

With the help of well-designed Artificial Intelligence software, a business can also help their customers with basic services. Such software that is aimed to be automated, can help potential customers through the buying process, provide personalized recommendations for them, and increase conversions via various social media platforms.

6.   Social monitoring and listening

Social monitoring refers to social media monitoring wherein, a brand, an influencer, or an advertiser can basically track various hashtags, keywords, and mentions that are relevant to their social media or job. This type of monitoring is both qualitative and quantitative in nature.

Social media monitoring along with listening helps you to hone in on the conversations that are taking place about your brand, label, or conversations happening in the industry. This is also a very ethical way through which you will be able to get information about your competitors. Seeking out all such information manually is next to impossible since it takes up a lot of time and energy.

Therefore, it is a smart idea to put in an automated AI service that will put automated social media monitoring and listening in place.

7.   Do not schedule too far in advance

One of the biggest mistakes a social media marketer or an influencer can do is to schedule things too early. This might seem like a good idea but experts recommend against using this since the trends are always changing. You will need to update the post in case something is making all the headlines. You can also accidentally copy someone if something is scheduled too far in advance.

Automation is changing the social media game, and automation software is here to stay. It is now that social media marketers are noticing it. Automation is a smart and authentic way to increase engagement which helps you save a lot of time, money, and effort.  

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