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Influencer marketing is a creative way to use influencers with a large following to reach your desired target audience and increase sales in your business. It may be difficult at first to properly utilize influencers, as you will need to research them and understand topics related to influencer marketing, but if you commit the necessary time and resources to influencer marketing, it can be an incredibly successful tool for your business. 

To make sure influencer marketing works for you, ensure that you are aware of some of the potential mistakes that could cost your business money or worse yet, reputation.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes

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5+ Critical Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular way to reach new customers and raise brand awareness. However, if influencer marketing isn’t done properly, it can end up being a costly mistake. To ensure influencer marketing campaigns succeed, the influencers should be chosen carefully.

1. Poor influencer selection choices

When you’re engaging in influencer marketing, it can be easy to make mistakes by simply not taking the time to choose influencers carefully. While influencers with large followings can be attractive due to the potential reach, they may not be related to your niche and therefore their audience might not be the target market for your company. Similarly, influencers that have a good following but limited engagement may not offer good ROI and could even hurt your brand’s reputation. 

Poor influencer selection choices could cause influencer campaigns to fail or produce subpar results, making it important to take an analytical approach when selecting influencers and ensure they are related to your products or services before you move forward with a campaign.

2. Providing influencers with inaccurate content

An often unacknowledged influencer marketing mistake is providing influencers with inaccurate content. It is essential to remember that influencers are responsible for presenting accurate information to their followers. While you can get ahead in your campaigns through technology and different digital platforms, content is really important for success.

When influencers receive misleading or incorrect content, they may damage the reputation of your brand with their audience. This can ultimately lead to influencer followers unfollowing them and a decrease in engagement on influencer posts. It is easy to avoid this influencer marketing mistake by double-checking any content you provide influencers before sending it out and taking the time to craft content tailored towards the influencers’ key demographic.

3. Co-branding without permission

The influencer marketing industry is growing rapidly, and many companies are jumping on board without considering potential missteps. One of the biggest mistakes with influencer marketing is going ahead with co-branding without getting permission first. Although influencers are generally open to endorsement opportunities, it’s important to be aware of copyright infringements that could come up when using their logo or images they own. 

Not only can failing to get permission to be unethical and illegal, but influencers can also stop working with you if this mistake occurs. To avoid any possible mistakes in influencer marketing, companies should always take the time to make sure they have permission before going ahead with any co-branding campaigns.

4. Mismatched audiences

One big mistake businesses make when engaging in influencer marketing is choosing influencers whose audiences don’t align with their own corporate goals. A successful influencer campaign requires targeting the right people within the influencer’s audience and making sure those are the same people a company or brand wants to reach. Even if you choose to work through referral links, the process of tracking links or referral codes will be easier if your influencer has the right audience.

In some cases, influencers may have very large and widespread followings, but if those followers have nothing to do with a company’s offerings, then investing in influencer marketing can be a waste of time and resources. The key is to carefully analyze influencers and their potential impacts on a business before pouring money into campaigns. Companies who take this extra step will gain more insights into the success of their influencer campaign and help ensure that their desired target audience is hearing their messaging.

5. Lack of defined objectives

When it comes to influencer marketing, one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is not having defined objectives. Many companies jump into influencer marketing strategies without taking the steps necessary to first decide on what they ultimately want to achieve. Having clear objectives ensures that influencer campaigns are set up for success, but without them, influencers can end up pushing a message that does not align with the brand’s overall vision. 

Additionally, influencers may be unable to get their target audience engaged if there are no objectives in place. It is therefore essential for any company considering influencer marketing to have clearly defined objectives from the start in order to maximize their results.

6. Not having well-defined rules of conduct

Using influencer marketing is an increasingly popular way to build your brand’s online presence. Unfortunately, if influencer marketing isn’t executed carefully, businesses can make mistakes with potentially costly consequences. One of the most common mistakes companies make when using influencers is not having well-defined rules of conduct.

Without a clear understanding of expectations and parameters from the get-go, influencers may stretch the limits during their campaigns. This can result in influencers running afoul of regulatory authorities for contravening codes like advertising standards, thereby putting your company at risk. It is then up to your business to bear any associated costs as a result of this errant influencer behavior. 

To avoid such missteps down the track, it’s important that all influencer agreements set out clear rules of conduct from the outset – not only will this create a fairer environment but also minimize the chance that reputational damage will be done.


Influencer marketing has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses over the years, but it can be tricky to get right. To ensure influencer campaigns are successful, it’s important to set clear goals, plan strategically, and keep track of metrics in order to spot any potential mistakes before they happen. Doing your research and selecting influencers based on their authenticity, as well as their ability to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience, is also an essential part of avoiding influencer marketing mistakes.

Creating successful influencer campaigns requires ample planning and execution; otherwise, brands risk wasting budgets without driving any success from their investments. To avoid these common pitfalls, it is essential to carefully consider every aspect of influencer marketing projects and to make sure that clear objectives are established as well as tracked before any influencers are selected for a campaign.

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