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‍In this article, I am going to tell you the 15+ Best Task Management Software. so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

In the software industry, tools are rising in popularity and currently hold a crucial position in all projects.

Every single category has a number of tools available. These tools greatly speed up the process and cut down on manual labor.

Let’s quickly review what a task manager is and why we truly need one before learning about the task management software that is available on the market and how to use it in our projects.

Best Task Management Software

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “15+ Best Task Management Software” The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know.

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What is a Task Management Software?

A task manager helps in handling a major project’s tasks effectively, quickly, and according to schedule throughout its lifecycle.

In addition to aiding in resource planning, project estimating, milestone setting, etc., task management tools also assist in problem identification and resource and technique prioritization adjustments based on the current situation.

Importance of Task Management Software

Using a task management application can help many kinds of businesses maintain their teams, departments, and team members all on the same page. The following are the principal advantages of using task management software:

  • Primarily located: It is much simpler for team members to collaborate and managers to keep track of the status of projects when all tasks for each project are kept in distinct panels or charts, along with files and paperwork.
  • Simple to access: Because the majority of task management programs are delivered as a service (SaaS), you should be able to access the information and files from any location with an internet connection. You will have the option of working from a browser, an installed PC program, an app on your phone, or an app on your tablet.
  • Multiple perspectives: Task management software offers a variety of views to make it usable for all types of workers, from Gantt and timeline to calendar and Kanban.
  • Productivity gains: Workflow automation can lessen the number of repetitive tasks that team members or managers must complete every day or every week.
  • Enhance Collaboration: It is improved since teams can collaborate on the same tasks or subtasks and the entire project much more easily when using task management software.
  • Simple job delegation: By using task management software, you may cut down on the number of emails and interactions with team members needed to give work. Just create the job in your software, assign it to the proper team member, and add any necessary information, including due dates and notes.
  • Break up large tasks: By allowing subtasks, certain task management software makes it simple to allocate work among team members. This guarantees that no one is overworked and that jobs are completed more quickly.

Features in Task Management Software

There are many different types of task management software, but they all share a lot of the same functions on most platforms. You should anticipate the following capabilities, while some specialized or smaller apps might not include them all:

  • Sub-task management: Task management is a feature that all task software solutions have, but only the finest task management software is likely to have subtask management. With the help of this tool, you may divide a big work into several smaller ones and distribute them among your team members.
  • 2FA: Most task management software has security safeguards to safeguard data, and two-factor authentication is one of them. Users of this feature must sign on using a password in addition to a code sent to them through email or SMS to protect their identity.
  • Communication: To assist with transparency on a project or task, many task management apps feature the capability to leave a remark, send a message, or initiate a group chat with other members.
  • Integrations: Does your task management program lack a feature you require? Most likely, the integration will provide you with the missing component. This could take the shape of email, document storage, time tracking, budgeting, or communication.
  • Mobile app: While not all task management software has one, most of them do. You can probably access works or forums via a website if they don’t have an application.
  • Client access: It would be difficult to discover a task management solution that did not allow for a client or guest access. Client permission or feedback is required for so many projects that this capability is practically essential.
  • Time Tracking: Integrations are crucial because time tracking is one of those services that is frequently used but not always available. In most task management programs, you should be able to keep track of both billable and non-billable hours.
  • Project views: It’s uncommon to find task management software with just one perspective, but high-tier plans frequently lock down a variety of project views.

15+ Best Task Management Software

Let’s have a look at the most popular 15 task management tools listed below before moving on to the topic that will be addressed in this post.

The fundamental goal is that they all work for the same objective, which is to better grasp the requirements, manage a list of straightforward tasks, support teamwork, and increase productivity.

Let’s examine each software in greater depth!

1. monday.com

For each project, Monday.com can control the processes. You can assign tasks, keep track of them, and follow procedures across teams and projects. It provides chat, calendar sync, due date alerts, time tracking, charts & analytics, and forms functions.


  • It is a tool that is quite customizable.
  • It offers superb collaboration features and is simple to use.

2. ClickUp

With several features, including task management, ClickUp provides an excellent workplace. It has the features and capabilities needed to swiftly organize tasks and make adjustments. You can globally sort the jobs using this.

Finding the tasks is made simpler by the use of filters and search engines. For every scenario that can be imagined, including recurrent duties, ClickUp provides a functional solution.


  • It supports four alternative views for task management, ranging from assignee to manager.
  • It has hierarchy levels for both individual users and businesses.
  • It contains a toolbar for multitasking that can also be utilized for subtasks.
  • It is a platform with many features and provides many features including bulk rescheduling, portfolios, jobs in various lists, etc.


  • The dashboard cannot be exported.

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online task management program known for being user-friendly and accessible from any location, on any platform, with any tool, and at any time. It is regarded as flexible since any size project may be handled using a variety of tools, such as Gantt charts, etc.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based application that can be incorporated with a number of programs, including Dropbox, Salesforce, and Google Apps. Its features include task planning, scheduling, tracking, automation, etc.

4. WorkOtter

You can receive cloud-based project management software with WorkOtter, which is more user-friendly and more affordable than a lot of its competitors on the market right now. When it concerns predicting resources or allocating them to projects, the program is excellent. With this platform, task workflows may be built up very quickly and easily.

You can choose from a variety of templates to tailor your workflows to the project that your business is now concentrating on. We particularly enjoy the way WorkOtter takes something as boring as time management and makes it fun by swapping out tedious timesheets with engaging status reports.


  • Simple to use
  • Complete and appropriately sophisticated reporting
  • seamless planning and forecasting of resources
  • tracking report for an interactive workflow
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • Sometimes, creating reports takes a lot of time.

5. Nifty

Nifty is a communal task management solution that allows teams to effortlessly manage feedback and deadlines while flexible organizing, prioritizing, and automating workflows utilizing List, Kanban, and Swimlane views.

Create personalized task lists that match the workflow of your team, or integrate pre-existing tasks into Nifty to continue working where you left off. Define, assign, and automate regular tickets, assignments, and labor while centralizing documents and feedback.

You may combine your workday and your subscriptions into one browser tab by using the greatest workflow automation and collaboration tools available.


  • Beautiful and intuitive interface.
  • The simplicity of usage and transitioning is a major benefit.
  • Outstanding customer support.


  • Nothing noteworthy enough is to be mentioned.

6. Quire

Quire is a modern cloud-based task management tool that enables users to easily plan, organize, and complete their tasks. Quire is a powerful platform with an infinitely nested task list and a Kanban Board that promises to assist you in realizing your goals.

With Quire, you can keep track of your job progress whenever you want and engage with your team in real time.


  • Simple, clear, and intuitive UI.
  • Simple to use and effective
  • Strong collaboration tools, including integrations, project templates, due dates, start dates, multiple assignees, cross-platform, and data export and backup.


  • Lack of variety in theme choices.

7. Backlog

Backlog is an all-in-one tool for managing projects and code. It combines the task management advantages for organizational efficiency with the strength of budget tracking and version control. Utilizing integrated Git and SVN repositories, assign, track, and release code concurrently with ongoing project activity.

For each project, create boards in the Kanban format that make it simple to see every job as it progresses. Wikis, file sharing, and custom statuses are just a few of the tools that let you graphically manage a whole project from start to finish.


  • Its visual tools, such as burndown charts, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards, make it simple to track work and improve workflow.

8. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for managing projects and tasks. This software supports you at every level of project management, from job planning and assignment to execution and tracking.

From a single dashboard, prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and engage with your team using task comments. With its Shared Calendar function, you can manage all of your projects and subtasks, create reminders for events, and keep organized. In order to assist you to see how each project activity is progressing, it also provides Gantt Charts.

You may establish workflows with ProProfs Project and provide teams with an accurate image of the tasks that have been performed and those that still need to be done. The tool makes task management more efficient, fosters teamwork, and guarantees that you never, ever miss a deadline.


  • Reports that are prepared for presentations that may be swiftly distributed to internal and external audiences.
  • Timesheet entries for precise invoice generation and rapid client sharing.
  • On screens of all sizes, the utility functions nicely.
  • A mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android.


  • Unavailable scrum board
  • The only channel for third-party connections is Zapier.

9. beSlick

beSlick is a task management solution for groups or small to midsize organizations. It is easy to use, making it quick and simple for people to get started, yet it is surprisingly effective in what it can do.

The capability to record when things can’t be done and why, along with effective process statistics, makes it the only task management application with built-in process improvement, according to the company. This helps you optimize the workflow.

One of the most powerful processes workflow builders is present. The template reports are also excellent, providing you with a crystal-clear dashboard view of your progress.


  • Can easily manage both easy and difficult tasks.
  • Built-in tools for process improvement.
  • Outstanding task progress reports.
  • Amazing installation assistance and a support crew.


  • Time tracking is not integrated.
  • No open API 

10. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a great all-inclusive project management tool.

With built-in Gantt chart reports, Kanban boards, forums, social feeds, resource utilization charts, templates, timers, chat, and much more included in one package at no extra cost, teams can plan, track, and interact online successfully.

The most recent enhancements to Zoho Projects allow task automation with Blueprint and treat groups of users as teams.


  • Perfect for groups of any size.
  • A nice addition is the Gantt chart’s one-click access to the Critical Path.
  • Collaboration is emphasized in Zoho Projects. 
  • Their documents function, which provides full free access to the Zoho Office suite, version history, and annotation features, is underappreciated.


  • Risk and material management are not provided.
  • Teams are only presently usable in comments. 
  • Absence of ready-made reference templates.

11. Teamwork

Teamwork serves as a platform for managing projects, clients, and groups. You can use task lists or visual boards to organize your work; it is a flexible solution that will allow you to do so. It enables the organization of workflows according to requirements. It includes sophisticated features including real-time workloads, partnerships, tracking and reporting, and more.


  • A variety of graphic representation possibilities, thorough reporting, a Gantt chart, etc


  • No such drawbacks to note.

12. Bonsai

When it comes to task management, Bonsai has a lot to offer, which is what makes it so unique. To begin with, it is packed with sophisticated functionality but is really easy to use.

Utilizing pre-made templates makes it simple to add and create jobs. It is simpler for you to establish a timer for your work list or assign new projects because the software includes an integrated timer.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Several templates for task creation.
  • Timer built in to keep track of duties.
  • Collaborators are easily invited for teamwork.


  • Not appropriate for larger businesses.

13. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is one of the most intuitive, straightforward, and user-friendly task management software programs of 2019, according to users from all around the world.

Put your tasks in MeisterTask’s exquisitely crafted Kanban-style project boards for a visual overview that will help you follow them from conception to completion. As many users as necessary can be added to your project, and mentions and comments can be used to communicate with them.

Due to the ability to keep all files, information, and documents associated with a task in one single location, users will be able to collaborate and work together more successfully and in real-time. Using our mobile apps, which are available for iOS and Android, task management can be done while on the go.


  • Task automation, mobile apps, and integrations with all of your preferred tools, including Slack, IFTTT Github, G Suite, and many others.


  • There is no desktop application for Linux
  • Time tracking features may use some upgrades.

14. Asana

Asana task management is mostly used to start or manage projects or the tasks that make up a project.

Asana makes team tasks like file sharing, task delegation, project tracking progress, receiving alerts, updates, feedback, and more. much simpler. Thus, it leads to easy interaction and, as a result, effective and quick project delivery.

15. Centrallo

Better than Evernote, Centrallo is essentially an organization tool that aids in task organization through careful planning, scheduling, and execution. It is possible to create, search, share, and access any number of lists from anywhere.


In any case, this article provides the most well-liked open-source, free task management program. Before choosing the finest task management for your project, you may test these out.

Although every project has a different set of requirements, all task management solutions have the same overall objective. As a result, they make everything much simpler to accomplish.

Which one is your favorite? 

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